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Windows 8 Wake-On-LAN Revisited

Occasionally over the past few months I have been unable to remotely wake my Windows 8 computer. I disabled the fast startup in power options to get Wake-On-LAN working in Windows 8. I recall the same computer (and past computers) waking more reliably when running Windows 7. I did a little research and found some more information in an official Microsoft support article:

Apparently, being able to wake a Windows 7 system after shutdown was not intended. Because "users expect zero power consumption and battery drain in the shutdown state", Microsoft has cut off power to all devices when Windows 8 shuts down. This does not explain how I am still able to wake my computer after shutdown, but it might explain why remote wake fails sometimes. I think that Windows 8 may shut down differently after it patches, but I have not found any evidence.

Based on the support article, I tried putting my Windows 8 computer to sleep a few times. Unfortunately, my computer appears less likely to stay asleep than it is to fail to wake after shutdown. When I return hours after putting my computer to sleep, I often find that it is already on. I'm not sure why the computer fails to sleep almost every time, and yet succeeds in waking remotely despite changes to the shutdown state.

I will continue to shutdown my computer, but I no longer trust that I will be able to wake it remotely every time. As smartphones increase in power and more data moves to online storage, connecting to my desktop is becoming more of a convenience and less of a necessity. Still, inconsistent Wake-On-LAN behavior is a source of frustration and disappointment with Windows 8. Hopefully, Windows "Blue" will be better.


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