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A Fitting Case for the Nokia Lumia 920

One of the challenges for early adopters is finding accessories to match newly released items. When I was searched for a case for the Samsung Focus when Windows Phone 7 devices first launched, there were not cases specifically made for it. I had to compare the dimensions and in the end, I had to gamble. I ordered a Reiko brand magnetic case from Amazon. Luckily, the case fit my Focus perfectly and was even able to accomodate my Lumia 900.

Nokia Lumia 920

Having recently acquired a new Nokia Lumia 920, I am again in search of a case. My original Reiko case is still going strong, but just barely fits the Lumia 920. The case is showing some minor wear and tear aftering being used constantly for almost 2 full years. The wear is mostly cosmetic as the case is perfectly functional. Given how well it held up, I started looking for a new Reiko case that would fit the Lumia 920.

Nokia and Windows Phone are making progress because there many more accessories specifically targeting the Lumia 920 than I have seen with previous Windows Phone phones. Unfortunately, I did not see anything I liked. I found a variety of Reiko cases, but none of their descriptions or reviews listed the Lumia 920 specifically. Once again, I compared the phone dimensions and then gambled.

Reiko Case on

I ordered a new Reiko case from CellAccessories on Amazon. It arrived in good condition within the standard 3-5 days. The new case is the same style as my original Reiko case, but is slightly larger. The Lumia 920 fits perfectly into the new case. The case has a soft, smooth fabric interior with a quick, quiet magnetic flap. The back of the case has a metal belt clip wrapped completely in leather that attaches securely to my belt. There are also belt loops stitched into the back, but I don't use them. The Reiko case may not be luxurious, but keeps my phone securely within reach.

UPDATE: The Reiko cases work fine when using headphones with the Lumia 900, but Nokia moved the headphone jack to the bottom middle of the Lumia 920. There are pieces of elastic on each side of the case that prevent the phone from fitting when headphones are plugged in. I was able to walk on the treadmill this morning with the phone mostly in the case, but was unable to secure the phone with the magnetic flap. I am considering if I should try to mod the case while I shop for an alternative.

UPDATE (December 2013): The case has served well over the past year. The phone may not be secure enough for running or jogging, but I have walked many miles on the treadmill using headphones with the Lumia 920 in the unmodded Reiko case.


sanjay mundada said…
A great mobile for an affordable price, the nokia lumia 920 xl heard has the best camera in among all the smart mobiles in the world.

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