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Restarting Windows Phone 7

After owning a Windows Mobile 5/6 device since 2006, I was anxious to get my hands on a Windows Phone 7 device. I purchased a Samsung Focus on November 8th from a local authorized AT&T reseller (who had one device in stock, lucky me). Being busy with work and family, I haven't had much time to tinker around with the phone.

While I've encountered some minor limitations of the new operating system (i.e. lacking copy/paste, no multi-tasking, etc), I ran into my first significant challenge with the new phone today. I downloaded a few free apps from the Marketplace this morning and hit the Start Menu button to exit. A few minutes later when I launched the Marketplace again, it said "loading..." for several seconds then popped back to the Start Menu. I tried several times to launch it, but with the same results. Apparently, the Marketplace was crashing every time I tried to launch it.

I remembered seeing a Reset button on the About screen, but figured that would Hard R…