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This disclaimer may be updated at any time, without notice. Please check here for the latest version of this disclaimer.

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A Fitting Case for the Nokia Lumia 920

One of the challenges for early adopters is finding accessories to match newly released items. When I was searched for a case for the Samsung Focus when Windows Phone 7 devices first launched, there were not cases specifically made for it. I had to compare the dimensions and in the end, I had to gamble. I ordered a Reiko brand magnetic case from Amazon. Luckily, the case fit my Focus perfectly and was even able to accomodate my Lumia 900.

Having recently acquired a new Nokia Lumia 920, I am again in search of a case. My original Reiko case is still going strong, but just barely fits the Lumia 920. The case is showing some minor wear and tear aftering being used constantly for almost 2 full years. The wear is mostly cosmetic as the case is perfectly functional. Given how well it held up, I started looking for a new Reiko case that would fit the Lumia 920.

Nokia and Windows Phone are making progress because there many more accessories specifically targeting the Lumia 920 than I have s…

Windows 8 Wake-On-LAN

For the past several years, I have relied on Wake-On-LAN (WOL) functionality to power on my home PC from anywhere. Whether simply in another room or traveling to another state, I have used WOL in combination with my phone or laptop to gain remote access to my files and programs. I have started keeping some files "in the cloud", but sometimes I need access to certain programs installed on my desktop computer.

I'm very excited about the new technologies emerging from Microsoft. I am anxious to acquire a Windows 8 Pro tablet when they become available. In the meantime, I have decided to install Windows 8 on my desktop computer so that I can code and test Windows Phone 8 apps. As I have been installing my developer tools and configuring the system, I tested whether I would be able to wake my computer remotely. The BIOS settings are unchanged and I had looked over all the power and device settings, yet my computer did not wake.

After some quick research this morning, I discov…

Windows Phone Composite USB Device Issue

As a Windows Phone developer, few things are more frustrating than when I lose time to "technical difficulties" that are completely unrelated to code I've written. When I recently tried to connect my Windows Phone to a new computer, the correct device driver failed to install properly. Windows 7 in its infinite wisdom substituted a generic device driver. From then on, my Samsung Focus was labelled as a "Composite USB Device" and was completely unrecognizable to the Zune software and therefore inaccessible to Visual Studio for deployment and debugging.

I really wish that I had taken screenshots to help others recognize if their issue matches what I am describing here. I can no longer take screenshots because I figured out how to resolve the problem, or rather, I nudged Windows into fixing the problem itself. I could uninstall the correct driver and try to duplicate the issue, but I have some software writing to catch up on. Just writing this up means that I'…