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About Me

My name is Michael Farias. I live in the United States, with my wife, two kids, a cat, and a handful of computers. I am a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer on Microsoft .NET and studying to upgrade to a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.

I work as a web developer for an e-commerce site by day. I spend evenings and weekends trying out new technologies and working on various entrepreneurial projects. I have spent the past few months developing a small application for Windows Mobile.

I was first introduced to computers when my father brought a TRS-80 Color Computer home from Radio Shack in the early 1980's. I made some early attempts at programming in BASIC at home and in school, but I didn't really start writing software until after college. I began with minimal classroom training and learned the rest "in the trenches".


Popular posts from this blog

A Fitting Case for the Nokia Lumia 920

One of the challenges for early adopters is finding accessories to match newly released items. When I was searched for a case for the Samsung Focus when Windows Phone 7 devices first launched, there were not cases specifically made for it. I had to compare the dimensions and in the end, I had to gamble. I ordered a Reiko brand magnetic case from Amazon. Luckily, the case fit my Focus perfectly and was even able to accomodate my Lumia 900.

Having recently acquired a new Nokia Lumia 920, I am again in search of a case. My original Reiko case is still going strong, but just barely fits the Lumia 920. The case is showing some minor wear and tear aftering being used constantly for almost 2 full years. The wear is mostly cosmetic as the case is perfectly functional. Given how well it held up, I started looking for a new Reiko case that would fit the Lumia 920.

Nokia and Windows Phone are making progress because there many more accessories specifically targeting the Lumia 920 than I have s…

Windows 8 Wake-On-LAN Revisited

Occasionally over the past few months I have been unable to remotely wake my Windows 8 computer. I disabled the fast startup in power options to get Wake-On-LAN working in Windows 8. I recall the same computer (and past computers) waking more reliably when running Windows 7. I did a little research and found some more information in an official Microsoft support article:

Apparently, being able to wake a Windows 7 system after shutdown was not intended. Because "users expect zero power consumption and battery drain in the shutdown state", Microsoft has cut off power to all devices when Windows 8 shuts down. This does not explain how I am still able to wake my computer after shutdown, but it might explain why remote wake fails sometimes. I think that Windows 8 may shut down differently after it patches, but I have not found any evidence.

Based on the support article, I tried putting my Windows 8 computer to sleep a few times. Unfortunatel…


A new year brings a new perspective. Gadgets come and go, but programming puzzles and practices can transcend languages and platforms. As a result, I plan to reboot my blog in 2015. I want to write more about software development topics. I want to explore the questions I have and share a few of the answers I have found. Even if my words are not the best at first, through practice and persistence I may improve.